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Welcome To "Music Is"

Mr Steve & Miss Katie Kids Music

Josh & Gab

Mr Steve & Miss Katie

This web site is dedicated to the family music released by Fake Chapter Records. After years of focusing on the best in the indie rock,
electronic, and singer-songwriter genres, Fake Chapter Records was approached by one of their artists to release a children's record.
The result was the fantastic and widely successful Mr. Steve & Miss Katie's "Are You Ready? Here We Go!".
The enthusiasm over this release led to putting together a compilation to invite other similar artists. Fake Chapter hopes to continue
to explore this genre but in a way that excites parents as much as children (hence the title of our compilation).
Most of the artists found here are long time musicians with various rock backgrounds. This produces more creative
and enjoyable music that holds the same level of attention of the main audience (the children) as traditional
children's music while keeping the sanity of the secondary audience (the parents).

We hope you take a listen, enjoy the music, and give us lots of feedback.


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